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Drylining Apprenticeship


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    Open on: 19/09/2020

    Closing on: 03/06/2020

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Qualifications required:
Apprentices need to have at least Entry Level 3 in Functional skills or GSCE grade 3 or above in English, Maths and ICT. It will be an advantage if you have previous related work experience, interior systems or multi-skills qualifications, CSCS and/or PASMA. 18+ Due to Health and Safety.
Will work towards a NVQ Level 2 in Dry Lining.

Dry liners build internal walls in residential and commercial structures. They use plasterboard panels to reduce cost and weight and also to make the walls easier to move or remove.

As a dry liner, your work will involve a ‘fixing’ stage, followed by a ‘finishing’ stage.

At the ‘fixing’ stage, you will:
• Measure and cut plasterboard to the right sizes and angles
• Fix the panels to timber or metal frames (or ceiling joists) using special studs
• Cut panels to fit around doorways and create openings for windows

You will then ‘finish’ the walls by:
• Sealing joints using filler or adhesive
• Taping over the seal either by hand or with a taping machine
• Applying a thin layer of plaster over the tape (skimming)
• Sanding down the area ready for painting and decorating

Dry lining methods are used to hide wiring or pipes, improve a room’s acoustics, and provide a cavity space for insulation or to smooth out uneven walls during renovation work. This role could be combined with traditional plastering or other types of work, for example sectioning off areas in open-plan offices.

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